Debuted in 1976 as “Keiichi Suzuki with Moonriders” with the album Hinotama Boy (“Fireball Boy”). Moonriders was formed as a band in which all 6 members were also both songwriters and producers. Constantly incorporating new sound and technology, they produce cutting-edge new works. Their various experimental directions during live performance have also had a great influence on others. In 2005, they launched their own label, Moonriders Records, which continues to release new musical works.


岡田 徹

Born Tokyo, 23 April 1949.
Has been responsible for producing a diverse range of artists, such as PSY-S, Pearl Brothers, PRINCESS PRINCESS (which he also named). An outstanding melody-maker, he had turned his hand to creating soundtracks for films and anime productions, commercial jingles, and more. Also active as leader of the massive accordion-based band Life Goes On, whose second album was released by Sony Music on 20 February 2008.


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Born Tochigi, 9 November 1950.
Enjoyed classical and pops music from an early age, and started songwriting and playing in bands in high school. He has been personally active as a songwriter, producer, arranger, and player of music since the 1980s. Responsible for songwriting and producing activities for many other artists and idols, his work as a writer of TV commercial tunes, soundtracks for TV dramas and anime productions spans many genres.


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白井 良明

Born Tokyo, 27 February 1954.
During his Rikkyo University student days, he traveled nationwide providing backing for friend Tetsuo Saito. This led to his being highly rated for his talent as a guitarist, and he soon joined Moonriders. He is currently active as a producer and arranger across a broad range of work, regardless of genre and image. In addition to his musical work, he also turns his hand to an ever-widening range of other activities, such as TV presenting and writing.


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鈴木 博文

Born Tokyo, 19 May 1954.
Bassist for the Moonriders, he is also well known as a songwriter and possesses a rare literary talent. Presides over the trailblazing indie label Metrotron Records. Having converted part of his home to a bayside studio, he has launched many new works and musicians into the world. Active with Masahiro Naoe of CARNATION and the unit Sei Fou Kai, as well as the unit Mio Fou of violinist Hirono Mio.


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武川 雅寛

Born Kanagawa, 21 December 1950.
After taking part in many sessions starting from his university days, he established the band Hachimitsupai (literally “Honey Pie”) together with Keiichi Suzuki. After releasing Senchimentaru Dori (“Sentimental Street”), a much-loved classic that has stood the test of time, the members of Hachimitsupai went their separate ways. After this, he participated in the formation of the Moonriders band, which continues to release cutting-edge music and has been active for over 30 years. As well as his band activities, he is a highly sought-after violin player for a diverse range of live performances and recording, regardless of genre.

Solo Albums

  • Tonikaku, Kokoga Paradaisu (“Anyway, This Is Paradise”): 1982
  • Koi Wa Push!Push!Push! (“Love is Push!Push!Push!”): 1982
  • Kujira No Hato (“Heart of a Whale”): 1996


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鈴木 慶一

Born Tokyo, 28 August 1951.
Started playing various live and session gigs round 1970. Formed Hachimitsupai in 1972, and became a driving force in Japanese rock music. Formed Moonriders after Hachimitsupai broke up. While writing a diversity of tunes for everyone from pop idols to enka musicians, he has also created a huge number of TV commercial tunes. His influence on the Japanese music world and its listeners has been massive. Apart from his musical work, he is also active in a wide range of other fields, such as film and TV drama appearances, magazine article contributions, and more. He received the 2003 Japanese Academy Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Music for his music for the film Zatoichi (directed by Takeshi Kitano). In February 2008, his first solo album in 17 years, “Captain HATE and First Mate Love,” was released by Sony. Produced by Keiichi Sokabe, it was become popular. Formed the band “Captain HATE and The Seasick Sailors” with the musicians who played on the album launch tour. The band will release an album in fall this year.